Princes Road Synagogue



Abraham, Abraham C1799–1863 Translator and optician, President of Liverpool Jewry’s Philanthropic Institute and Hebrew School, uncle of John Simon
Abraham, Joseph C1814–1867 Politician and communal leader, President of Bristol Hebrew Congregation (1853–4), Bristol town councilor (1861), Mayor of Bristol (1865–6)
Abraham, Philip 1804–1890 Writer and educationist
Abrahams [Sussman], Abraham 1801–1880 Hasidic shochet and scholar, first notable Polish Hasid to settle in Britain (1837)
Adler, Celestine (Lehfeldt) 1821–1891 Second wife of Nathan Marcus Adler, mother of Elkan Nathan Adler
Adler, Henrietta (Worms) 1800–1853 First wife of Nathan Marcus Adler, mother of Marcus Nathan Adler and Hermann Adler
Adler, Nathan Marcus 1803–1890 Rabbinical writer and Chief Rabbi (1845–90)
Aguilar, Emanuel Abraham 1824–1904 Composer and pianist, brother of Grace Aguilar
Aguilar, Emanuel 1787–1845 Composer, pianist, and music teacher, father of Grace Aguilar
Aguilar, Grace 1816–1847 Novelist, poet, and historian, first Jewish historian of Anglo-Jewry
Aguilar, Sarah (Dias Fernandes) 1786–1854 Founder of Mrs. and Miss Aguilar’s Preparatory Establishment for Young Gentlemen, mother of Grace Aguilar
Alex, Ephraim 1800–1882 Dentist and communal leader, founder and first president of the Jewish Board of Guardians (1859)
Alexander [ben Judah Loeb], Alexander d. 1807 Writer and printer
Alexander, Levy d. C1834 Writer and printer, son of Alexander Alexander, successor of A. Alexander’s printing firm
Amschejewitz, Asher 1824–1903 Orthodox rabbi and scholar, one of the first three scholars-in-residence at the Judith Montefiore College (1867), father of J. H. Amshewitz
Angel, Moses C1819–1898 Educator and writer, headmaster of the Jews’ Free School (1842–97), first co-editor of the Jewish Chronicle (1841–2)
Ansell, Moss C1821–1872 First Jew to hold a government office in Britain, Chief Clerk in the Court of Chancery (C1842–72), recipient of the Freedom of the City of London (1856)
Ascher, Benjamin 1812–1893 Posen-born Orthodox rabbi and translator, brother of Simon Ascher
Ascher, Simon 1789–1872 Dutch-born cantor, reader, and chazan of the Great Synagogue (1832–70)
Barlin, Frederick fl. 1802–7 Portrait painter, painted oil portrait of Chief Rabbi Solomon Hirschell
Barned, Israel C1775–1858 Banker, Senior Warden of Liverpool’s Seel Street congregation (1831–9)
Barnett, David C1796–1854 Russian-born politician, elected to the Birmingham Town Council and served without swearing the Christian oaths (1838), co-founder of Birmingham’s Hebrew National School (1841)
Barnett, John 1802–1890 English composer
Barrow, Lousada 1816–1877 Army officer, second highest-ranking person of Jewish extraction to have served in the Indian administration, son of Simon Barrow
Barrow, Simon C1788–1862 First Jewish mayor in Britain, mayor of Bath (1837)
Basevi, Miriam [Maria] C1774–1847 Mother of Benjamin Disraeli, daughter of Verona-born Merchant Naphtali [Nathan] Basevi
Beddington [Moses], Edward Henry C1818–1872 Merchant, member of the Council of the United Synagogue
Behrend, Henry 1828–1893 Physician, admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons (1850), regular contributor to the Jewish Chronicle, President of the Jews' Hospital (1871–93)
Behrens, Solomon Levi C1787–1873 Orthodox merchant and advocate of Jewish emancipation
Belasco, Abraham [Aby] 1797–C1853 Prominent pugilist
Belisario, Esther Mendes 1773–1824 Founded a Jewish girls’ school in Hackney (1807), mother of Miriam Mendes Belisario
Belisario, Miriam Mendes 1816–1885 Writer, teacher, and lexicographer, granddaughter of the scholar and preacher Isaac Mendes Belisario
Benedict, Sir Julius 1804–1885 Composer, conductor, writer, knighted in 1871
Benisch, Abraham 1811–1878 Hebraist, editor, and journalist, editor of the Jewish Chronicle (1854–69, 1875–8)
Benjamin, David 1815–1893 Merchant, known as the “Father of the Bayswater Synagogue,” member of the Jewish Board of Guardians
Benmohel, Nathan Lazarus C1800–1869 Hamburg-born scholar and linguist, first professing Jew to graduate from a British university, obtained his BA (1836) and MA (1846) from Trinity College, Dublin
Bennett, Solomon Yom Tov 1761–1838 Belorussian-born writer, Hebraist, and engraver
Bergson, Michael Gabriel 1820–1898 Warsaw-born composer
Berkowitz, Henry C1819–1891 Warsaw-born orthodox minister, educationist, and politician, founded a private school (1857) and synagogue (1879) in Gravesend, Gravesend town councilor (1871), Mayor of Gravesend (1887)
Bischoffsheim, Henri Louis 1829–1908 Amsterdam-born banker and philanthropist, father of the Countess of Desart
Bolaffey, Hayim Vita C1779–1835 Teacher, writer, and Hebraist
Brandon, John Raphael Rodrigues 1817–1877 Architect and author
Brandon, Joshua Arthur Rodrigues 1822–1847 Architect and author, brother of John Raphael Rodrigues Brandon
Bresslau, Marcus Hyman C1808–1864 Prussian-born Hebraist, editor, and journalist, Baal Korah for the Western Synagogue, editor of the Jewish Chronicle (1844–8)
Bright, Henry 1817–1904 Local politician, Leamington town councilor, Mayor of Leamington (1876–82)
Cohen, Levi Barent 1747–1808 Merchant and communal leader, first president of the Jews’ Hospital, father of Judith (Cohen) Montefiore and Hannah (Cohen) Rothschild
Cohen, Levi Emanuel 1796–1840 Newspaper editor and founder of the Brighton Guardian (1827)
Dacre, Charlotte (King) C1782–1825 Poet and author of Gothic novels, daughter of John King
Deutsch, Emanuel 1829–1873 German-born writer and scholar
Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin 1804–1881 Author, statesman, and Conservative politician, served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1868, 1874–80)
D'Israeli, Isaac 1766–1848 Author and father of Benjamin Disraeli
Edelmann, Zevi Hirsch 1805–1858 Russian-born Hebraist and scholar
Ephraim, Moses 1745–1815 Officiant of Plymouth Synagogue (C1780–1815)
Franklin, Jacob Abraham 1809–1877 Optician, actuary, and newspaper proprietor and editor, founder of the Voice of Jacob (1841–8)
Goldsmid, Abraham C1756–1810 Bill broker and stockbroker, son of Dutch merchant Aaron Goldsmid
Goldsmid, Anna Maria 1805–1889 Writer, translator, and philanthropist, daughter of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid
Goldsmid, Asher C1751–1822 Bullion broker, son of Aaron Goldsmid
Goldsmid, Augustus 1818–1874 Barrister, nephew of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, nephew of David Salomons
Goldsmid, Benjamin C1755–1808 Bill broker, son of Aaron Goldsmid
Goldsmid, 2nd Baronet, Sir Francis Henry 1808–1878 Politician, barrister, and communal leader, Liberal MP for Reading (1860–78), first Jew to become an English barrister, son of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid
Goldsmid, Frederick David 1812–1866 Politician and communal leader, Liberal MP for Honiton (1865–6)
Goldsmid, Sir Frederic John 1818–1908 Author, army officer, and civil servant in India, Director General of the Indo-European Telegraph, nephew of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid
Goldsmid [Moses], Henry Edward 1812–1855 East India Company official, married into the Goldsmid family
Goldsmid, Sir Isaac Lyon 1778–1859 Financier and communal leader, founding member of the West London Synagogue (C1840), son of Asher Goldsmid
Goldsmid, Jessie Sarah 1816–1888 Sister of Frederic John Goldsmid, wife of Henry Edward Goldsmid [Moses]
Goldsmid, Louisa Sophia 1819–1908 Feminist and philanthropist, niece of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, wife of Francis Henry Goldsmid
Gordon, Lord George 1751–1793 Aristocrat and politician, converted to Judaism (1787)
Hartog, Marion (Moss) 1821–1907 Poet, author, and educator, co-founder of the first Jewish women’s periodical, the Jewish Sabbath Journal (1855), sister of Celia (Moss) Levetus
Henry, Emma (Lyon) 1788–1870 First published Anglo-Jewish woman poet
Hirschell, Solomon 1762–1842 Chief Rabbi (1802–42)
Hurwitz, Hyman C1770–1844 Posen-born biblical scholar and Hebraist, founder of the Highgate Academy, professor of Hebrew at University College London (1828–44)
Josephs, Michael 1761–1849 Businessman, Hebraist, and communal leader, born Meyer Konigsberg
King, John C1753–1824 Money broker, radical writer, born Jacob Rey, father of Charlotte (King) Dacre
Levetus, Celia (Moss) 1819–1873 Writer of Jewish historical fiction, co-founder of the first Jewish women’s periodical, the Jewish Sabbath Journal (1855), sister of Marion (Moss) Hartog
Levi, David 1742–1801 Author, translator, and printer
Lindo, Abigail 1803–1848 Lexicographer and scholar, first British Jew to compile a Hebrew-English dictionary
Lindo, David Abarbanel 1772–1852 Communal leader and scion of the Lindo family, father of Abigail Lindo, uncle of Benjamin Disraeli
Lindo, Elias Haim 1783–1865 Scholar and author, nephew of David Abarbanel Lindo
Lousada, Abigail C1772–1833 Scholar, mathematician, and translator
Lousada, Emanuel Baruh 1783–1854 West Indies merchant and developer of Sidmouth, High Sheriff of Devon (1842–3), son of Isaac Baruh Lousada
Lousada, Isaac Baruh 1748–1831 Mahamad of Bevis Marks (1778–1820)
Lousada, Jane (Goldsmid) 1783–1870 Daughter of Abraham Goldsmid, wife of Emanuel Baruh Lousada
Lousada, Moses Baruh 1780–1826 Solicitor at Austin Friars in the City of London, son of Isaac Baruh Lousada
Lyon, Abraham Septimus (A.S.) 1804–1872 Diarist and brother of Emma (Lyon) Henry
Lyon, Sarah (Lindo) 1823–1906 Diarist and wife of A.S. Lyon
Lyon, Solomon 1755–1820 Writer, scholar, and Hebraist, established Britain’s first Jewish boarding school, father of Emma (Lyon) Henry
Marks, David Woolf 1811–1909 First spiritual leader of the West London Synagogue of British Jews
Meldola, David 1797–1853 Minister of Bevis Marks (1828), first co-editor of the Jewish Chronicle (1841–2)
Merton, Hannah Moses (Cohen) 1816–1898 Diarist and homemaker
Mendoza, Daniel C1765–1836 Writer and prizefighter
Mocatta, Anne (Goldsmid) 1783–1837 Daughter of George [Gershon] Goldsmid, wife of Daniel Mocatta
Mocatta, Abraham 1797–1880 Bullion broker and stockbroker, grandson of Abraham Mocatta [Lumbrozo de Mattos] the founder of Mocatta & Goldsmid
Mocatta, David 1806–1882 Architect and first Jewish member of a profession in Britain, son of Moses Mocatta
Mocatta, Isaac Lindo 1818–1879 Author of tracts on Jewish moral teachings and social questions, son of Moses Mocatta
Mocatta, Moses 1768–1857 Bullion broker, Hebraist, and communal leader, president of the Board of Deputies (1829–35), son of Abraham Mocatta [Lumbrozo de Mattos]
Montefiore, Abraham Joseph Elias 1788–1824 Merchant and stockbroker, brother of Moses Montefiore, father of Charlotte Montefiore
Montefiore, Charlotte 1818–1854 Writer and philanthropist, founder of the Cheap Jewish Library, niece of Moses Montefiore
Montefiore, Joseph Elias 1759–1804 London merchant and father of Moses Montefiore
Montefiore, Lady Judith (Cohen) 1784–1862 Writer and philanthropist, author of the first Anglo-Jewish cookbook, wife of Moses Montefiore
Montefiore, Sir Moses Haim 1784–1885 Businessman, philanthropist, and communal leader
Montefiore, Rachel (Mocatta) 1762–1844 Mother of Moses Montefiore, daughter of Abraham Mocatta [Lumbrozo de Mattos]
Nathan, Isaac 1790–1864 Composer, musicologist, and writer
Newman, Selig 1788–1871 German-born Hebraist and writer
Polack, Elizabeth fl. 1830 First Anglo-Jewish woman dramatist, related to Solomon Polack
Polack, Elizabeth fl. 1830 Anglo-Jewish woman poet
Polack, Ephraim b. C1801 Tailor and noted hazzan, cousin of Henry Edward Goldsmid
Polack, Joel Samuel 1807–1882 Pioneer settler in New Zealand, son of Solomon Polack
Polack, Maria fl. 1830 First Anglo-Jewish woman novelist, daughter of Ephraim Polack, related to Elizabeth Polack
Polack, Solomon 1745–1839 Artist and engraver
Raphall, Morris Jacob 1798–1868 Orthodox rabbi and author, editor of the Hebrew Review and Magazine of Rabbinical Literature (1834–6), rabbi of the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation (1841–9)
de Rothschild, 1st Baronet, Sir Anthony 1810–1876 Financier, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (1861), son of Nathan Mayer and Hannah (Cohen) Rothschild
Rothschild, Charlotte von 1819–1884 German-born socialite, wife of Lionel de Rothschild
Rothschild, Hannah (Cohen) 1783–1850 Sister of Judith (Cohen) Montefiore, wife of Nathan Mayer Rothschild
de Rothschild, Baron Lionel Nathan 1808–1879 Banker, politician, and philanthropist, first Jewish MP in the House of Commons, Liberal MP for the City of London (1847–68)
de Rothschild, Lady Louisa (Montefiore) 1821–1910 Philanthropist and founding member of the Union of Jewish Women, wife of Anthony de Rothschild
Rothschild, Nathan Mayer 1777–1836 Banker, businessman, and financier, founder of the Rothschild banking family of England (1798), son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild of Frankfurt
Salomons, 1st Baronet, Sir David 1797–1873 Politician, businessman, and communal leader, Sheriff of London (1835–6), Liberal MP for Greenwich (1851–73), Lord Mayor of London (1855), son of Levy Salomons
Salomons, Levy 1774–1843 Merchant and insurance broker
Salomons, Philip 1796–1867 Businessman and communal leader, High Sheriff of Sussex (1852), son of Levy Salomons
Samuel, Moses 1795–1860 Writer, translator, and Hebraist
Schiff, David Tevele d. 1791 Chief Rabbi (1780–91)
de Sola, David Aaron 1796–1860 Minister of Bevis Marks (1818–60)
Vallentine, Isaac C1793–1868 Founder of the Jewish Chronicle (1841), the Jewish Association for the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge (1828), and the Jews’ Orphans Asylum (1831)
Van Oven, Joshua 1766–1838 Writer, surgeon, and communal leader, co-founder of the Jews’ Free School (1817), founder of the Jews’ Hospital (1807)